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Kempo For Kids & Youth


A practical and fun martial art for all boys and girls, ages 8-12

Why Shorinji Kempo?

•Learn an authentic Japanese martial art in a safe, supportive environment

•Help your child stay active while building confidence with self defense techniques
•Learn discipline and cooperation with others
•Excellent instructor to child ratio
•Very affordable fees- just compare!
•Non profit organization; all instructors volunteer their time
•Fully insured and regulated; branches and instructors are registered with World Shorinji Kempo Organization
•Organized and established education system
•Parents welcome to join in!


Children’s classes



BC Tozenji Branch

209 Jackson St
Coquitlam, BC



Who teaches it? Two locations!

Sensei Masaaki Hashimoto (7th degree black belt) of Vancouver Branch has decades of experience teaching in the Greater Vancouver area.

Sensei Masa Okuma (6th degree black belt) teaches the children’s class at BC Tozenji Dojo.  He has been teaching in the area for well over a decade and the class has continued to grow in size each year.

Sensei Louie (5th degree black belt) of Vancouver Branch originally started off in Hashimoto Sensei’s children’s class over 30 years ago and is also a graduate of the Shorinji Kempo Budo Academy at the Shorinji Kempo headquarters in Japan.

Through continued practice, kids quickly develop and improve their confidence, discipline, and social skills, through practice of physical exercise, self defense techniques, and class discussions on a variety of topics. Pair work is emphasized, and kids learn cooperation and teamwork in a safe and supportive environment.

Student testimonial:

Shorinji Kempo is a great martial art because it develops your mind and body.  I really enjoy that it's a hands-on-experience.  The teachers wear protective gear and we practice our punching and kicking on them.  We also do some sparring, and I find that fun-more fun than just punching air.  They also do a philosophical lesson in every class, where they tell us parables.  I find that really good because it gets us thinking about how to be a better person.  Before we start practicing, we do meditation in every class as well.  I find that meditation does a great job relaxing you.  They tell you to just concentrate on breathing.  At first it's pretty hard but once you get the hang of it, it gets easier.  I find meditation is also good in day to day situations when i just need to breathe.  Overall I think that Shorinji Kempo has been great for me, both physically and mentally. 

-Isabella from Vancouver Branch kid's class

Trout Lake Community Centre

Children’s classes


3360 Victoria Drive  
Vancouver, BC

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